How To Choose A Supplier When Buying Wholesale Silver Jewelry

If you are interested in buying silver jewelry at wholesale prices, it is important that you find a great supplier. The company you choose to work with will have a direct impact on the quality of the products you purchase. Here are some pointers that will help you make the best decision.

Consider The Country Of Origin

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Wholesale Filligree Silver Elephant Broach

While many people are not very keen on doing business with international suppliers, this is usually a great idea when it comes to buying wholesale silver jewelry. Asian countries in particular are well known for the quality of the items they produce. From China and Thailand to Indonesia and India, there are many suppliers all over the region that can offer you decent jewelry at prices that cannot be beat.

Head To A Trade Show

When you are having a difficult time finding a great supplier, your next move should be to head to places where they are likely to frequent. Trade shows are a solid place to come into contact with those who sell silver on the cheap. Even if you do not find them directly, you can speak to some of the vendors and chat about the manufacturers they get their wares from. JCK attracts the largest vendors in the world and definitely worth a look if you can get in there.

Large overseas producers can get you some pretty good prices on mass production jewelry. However, local independent manufacturers caution against quality controls that may be lacking at some of these facilities.

You may have to go to several trade shows in order to build a veritable list of options, but this should prove to be quite beneficial to you.

Price Vs. Quality

Collection of Spoon RingsYour goal should be to find jewelry that is well-made, yet you should be aware that better quality tends to raise the price of the items you are looking for. In most cases,bargain basement prices reflect the quality of jewelry you can expect to get. The key is to find a good balance of these two factors. Ideally, you should pay a price that makes you feel like you received a solid deal, but at the same time, you want to buy items that are not so cheaply made that you will feel as if you have gotten swindled.

Determine What They Sell

As everyone should know, dealing with different suppliers means that you will have many different items available to you.  It is a good idea to peruse any catalogs or availability lists to see if they offer many items that appeal to you. For instance, if you are interested in mid-range items that have a more casual feel, you would be wasting time considering someone who sells things that are fancy and a bit high-end.

After figuring out whether they sell the type of products you are after, you should buy a few sample items to make sure that they are to your liking. You don’t want to make a huge purchase and spend a lot of money only to realize that you are not pleased with what they are offering. Whether you seek engagement rings with moissanite gemstones, colored gemstones, or just plain old silver, attending trade shows will be one of your ‘Aces in the hole’.

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Finding a wholesale jewelry supplier with decent quality silver should not be the most complicated task in the world. As long as you use this advice when you are hunting, you should find one you will be satisfied with.

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Why Choose a Wholesale Jewelry Retailer

Everyone loves jewelry, and women in particular would do almost anything to increase their jewelry collection.

A new ring, another bracelet, new earrings and so on. With changing trends and styles, this can go on forever. Prices are usually pretty high for premium products and not everyone can afford the splurge needed for the more extravagant items.

Even with sales and promotions, with precious metal prices near record highs most of these luxury items are just out of reach.

ijomj_a01Wondering what is the best course of action? Well, one answer could be to look for wholesale jewelers and see what they have to offer. Here are some reasons why you should opt for a public wholesaler instead of going to a jewelry retailer.

The Prices

This is the first and most important reason. The price is what keeps women at bay from buying more than just one piece of jewelry at a time.

With a wholesaler, the prices are lower indeed, but you’ll have to buy more than just one piece. However, the difference in price can be of about 40-%60% less depending on the outlet that you find. This can literally translate to double the selection in your collection.

The Website

Wholesale jewelers are found online and you’ll get to see their collections without having to go to stores. Every piece of information you will find there, from the materials that are used for creating the jewelry to the sizes of the rings and the rest of the items. You should be in a great position to make an informed decision, sight unseen.

It makes it extremely easy for you to choose what you want to buy directly from them, without paying for additional taxes that the jewelry stores usually have.

The Variety

This option offers you plenty of variety regarding the sizes and the models that are available. For example, if you like a certain ring, you can buy it in different sizes, but you’ll have to know what these sizes are. Usually, there is a chart that shows you how to take the measurements to determine the size of a ring, so use it.

You’ll find different types of jewelry made of silver, gold or other metals. Adorned with gems or semi-precious stones, allowing you to see different designs and mixing up the look of your accessories.


With these websites, the payment is secured, considering that they usually deliver world-wide. You won’t have to worry that they won’t send what you have bought – their intention is to keep their customers happy and content and that’s one of the reasons why they use high security payment methods. You will have to make an account with them and use a valid credit card to pay for what you want. It all takes about a few minutes and you’ll be sure that the products arrive at the address that you have given.


Usually, all the wholesale jewelry retailers have a returning policy that they stick by, so if  you buy something from them, be careful and read those rules too. You might find out that the ring that you have ordered is a size too big or too small, or that the jewelry is missing a part (like a semi precious stone or a link or anything else), or that is already broken because of the transport method. Whenever this happens, you will be able to return the product, and you will get your money back or a new product, depending on what you have asked for.

There are plenty of wholesale jewelry sellers, so look out for those that offer you a variety of jewelry without limiting you to buy for a certain sum of money.