Why Choose a Wholesale Jewelry Retailer

Everyone loves jewelry, and women in particular would do almost anything to increase their jewelry collection. A new ring, another bracelet, new earrings and so on – and this can never end. However, the prices are usually pretty high and not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on jewelry each month. It’s true that there are sales and promotions, but these are not as often as women might like and this makes it a little harder to fulfill that wish to increase the jewelry collection.

ijomj_a01Wondering what is the best course of action? Well, one answer could be to look for wholesale jewelry and see what they have to offer. Here are some reasons why you should choose this instead of going to a regular jewelry retailer.

The Prices

This is the first and most important reason, because the price is what keeps women usually at bay from buying more than just one piece of jewelry at a time. With a wholesale retailer, the prices are lower indeed, but you’ll have to buy more than just one piece. If you think about it, the difference in price can be of about 40% – meaning that the price from a wholesale retailer is smaller than what you find on the market.

The Website

Usually, the wholesale jewelry retailers are found online and you’ll get to see their collections without having to go to their store. Every piece of information you will find there, from the materials that are used for creating the jewelry to the sizes of the rings and the rest of the items.

It makes it extremely easy for you to choose what you want to buy directly from them, without paying for additional taxes that the jewelry stores usually have.

The Variety

This option offers you plenty of variety regarding the sizes and the models that are available. For example, if you like a certain ring, you can buy it in different sizes, but you’ll have to know what these sizes are. Usually, there is a chart that shows you how to take the measurements to determine the size of a ring, so use it.

You’ll find different types of jewelry, and usually they are made from silver, gold or other materials,  with or without other adornments like gems or semi-precious stones, allowing you to see different designs.


With these websites, the payment is secured, considering that they usually deliver world-wide. You won’t have to worry that they won’t send what you have bought – their intention is to keep their customers happy and content and that’s one of the reasons why they use high security payment methods. You will have to make an account with them and use a valid credit card to pay for what you want. It all takes about a few minutes and you’ll be sure that the products arrive at the address that you have given.


Usually, all the wholesale jewelry retailers have a returning policy that they stick by, so if  you buy something from them, be careful and read those rules too. You might find out that the ring that you have ordered is a size too big or too small, or that the jewelry is missing a part (like a semi precious stone or a link or anything else), or that is already broken because of the transport method. Whenever this happens, you will be able to return the product, and you will get your money back or a new product, depending on what you have asked for.

There are plenty of wholesale jewelry sellers, so look out for those that offer you a variety of jewelry without limiting you to buy for a certain sum of money.